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Man of La Muncha

If it wasn't for dating in my 50s, I never would have become a so-called foodie. At that age, you tend to date fairly accomplished women who prefer that dining out not include grub from a bag.  I also learned the difference between merlot and pinot noir. I took a date to see the wine country movie, “Sideways,” then finished the night with dinner and a $95 bottle of wine.


I’m an OK cook and an ever better baker. I’ve won blue ribbons for my baking at the Deerfield Fair and a first and second place award at the state’s popular annual macaroni and cheese bake-off. I enjoy baking for charitable events when time allows and I can bake for you.


My Repertoire Includes:

- French baguettes

- Dinner rolls

- Wheat bread

- White bread

- Pizza dough

- Cinnamon rolls

- Corn muffins

- Cookies

- Sweet bread

- Muffins

Mike wins a blue ribbon for his Chocolate Infinity cookies at the 2013 Deerfield Fair. In 2014 he took a blue ribbon for his Chocolate Infinity zucchini bread.

WMUR's Cook's Corner

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