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I have entered the world of Podcasts.

Podcasts give us chance to get a brief look into the lives and careers of the people that fascinate us. Check out my new podcast series, A Guy Walks Into a Podcast, to catch some of my recent interviews!

Melissa RiversA Guy Walks Into a Podcast
00:00 / 06:22

Melissa Rivers let me in to her private life during the quarantine when we talked recently...from finding new TV shows to hygiene and dirty clothes stories. Plus she shares how her son Cooper (now 19) used to torture her in cahoots with Melissa's mom, Joan Rivers. It's all part of our fun conversation and her new podcast, Melissa Rivers' Group Text.

Joe ListA Guy Walks Into a Podcast
00:00 / 03:08

Comedian Joe List, a Mass. native, is a stand up career whose career is hot. Then the pandemic made entertaining large groups impossible. So how is he paying his bills living in New York City? He just released a Comedy Central special on YouTube called I Hate Myself. Free to view but his fans are sending money anyway! Funny guy, great story.

Governor SununuA Guy Walks Into a Podcast
00:00 / 02:47

Governor Chris Sununu unwinds by watching TV shows like Tiger King and Ozark. Listen why he said I'll never be invited over to his house...even though we get along just fine as you will hear. No stuffy politics here!

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